Meditation and Self-Discovery
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is the best, most efficient and easy to use tool (we know of).

It does release stress, it expands the capacity of the brain to perform and it keeps you calm and happy. It can give you the experience of an unimaginable embrace of divine energy expressing naturally through you as truth and love. Tyr it out in our classes:

introduce and facilitate various techniques of active and silent meditation, ancient ones, traditional ones and modern ones. Newcomers and experienced meditators welcome!
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Give you a taste and understanding of what is meditation - vs concentration or contemplation - and for example (self) hypnotic relaxation methods.
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(The Song of You)


(in case you really mean it! :))

It is truly all about BEING PRESENT IN THE HERE-NOW and how to "learn" that.
It's rather a remembering than an actual learning.
The body knows it, it can't be anywhere else than here and now.
The heart knows it, it loves always NOW. (Try to love in the past or future - you'll quickly find that this won't work).
So, with body and heart knowing how it works to be in the here and now, it just leaves the mind to need a bit of help.
Meditation enables us to experience the natural freedom of spirit - or our self - in the midst of what buzzes and whirls around us.

For several decades we have noticed the apparent riddle of how to integrate silence in the busy lives we all live. What works, what doesn't? We looked into the questions that came up for us: Is there a point in "5 min meditations?" (Yes), Is it necessary to give up one's life in order to achieve deeper truth, silence or healing"? (no) ...
In our courses and classes we share with you what has been helpful and is working for us.