Over time a shift happened from imagining and making efforts towards how I should be, to discovering who and how I truly am. I enjoy and love to support that discovery in you. 

I believe that we are all ready to make an intelligent choice by turning our awareness inwards and discover the truth, the completion and the beauty, which can neither be provoked nor prevented. It is always within.

My invitation is to shift from the mind to the heart, from speculating to experiencing, from following a story in time to living in the middle of this moment - free from the glue with the story.

I enjoy being in the middle of the moment, paying attention to how life is as me, as you and as everything around us, always changing and unpredictable.

Sharing that is what I call sharing truth as friends. This is challenging. It requires openness and equality without same-making.

There is truly no such thing as a 'spiritual life' versus a 'normal' one.  Life is just life. The only relevant difference is whether we are awake and aware in the Here-and-Now or we are asleep and dreaming to be 'spiritual' or 'normal' or something else 'different' from what we are this very moment.

Living true to the truth in daily life is not about "instead-solutions", like enlightenment instead of how your are now. It's rather about discovering the light, the truth which is already here - in spite of and including our programmed shortcomings. Discovering that which is reliable, that which is even deeper than the coming and going of our experiences.

The professional roles I play are called ‘Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Body Therapist’. In the past I trained in many ways. Now I apply tools where that appears to be useful, yet my strongest allegiance is with awareness and witnessing, with the magic of being present in the middle of the moment.

I was lucky to be graced with many gifts from my masters and teachers, who I had the unimaginary good luck to meet in this life: The Mystic Osho; the Advaita Teacher Papaji; the founder of Tibetan Pulsing Healing Yoga, Dheeraj; and the Director of the Osho Mystery School, Kaveesha ... to name just the most influential ones. There have been more, in art, in dance, in daily life, including friends and enemies and all the clients. I'm grateful.

I understand my job to be a kind of consciousness tour-guide for daily living,
for the time our pathways meet. I am touched by people sharing with me. It is often inspiring, sometimes humbling and always a heart warming reflection of my own being.

Feel warmly welcome
Let's dance the dance of life while listening to the musicthat sounds as love in the universe


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