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Professionals who work in personal contact with their clients experience more stress than their colleagues who are not in a face-to-face role. This applies for example to lawyers, when their clients are going through a time of crisis such as divorce and family separation or facing a criminal charge.

Counsellors receive supervision to deal with the vicarious trauma these interactions can create as a normal part of their working conditions and indeed are required to do so. Most other professionals do not.

After working as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and engaging closely with legal professionals, I decided to give attention to this area of work. They expressed to me how much they envied the kind of supervision I was required to receive as a psychotherapist and counsellor and believed a similar approach was needed in their profession.

There are many ways in which client trauma can impact on your work life. If it does, you will know what I mean!
Lawyers are not the only ones to be exposed to vicarious trauma. There are other professions we might not think of at first, such as architects. Moving house is a major source of stress and building a home even more so. Architects are thus exposed to the anxieties of their clients.

The intent of my support service is to address burn-out before it happens, which saves enormous amounts of time and money. We invite employers to make it available in the form of individual sessions and small workshops targeted to the needs of the organisation. If your work-place does not offer this service ask them to do so and in the mean-time contact us.

Trauma Informed Practice describes an attitude to working with clients and creating a client friendly environment that recognises the need for addressing certain stressful issues. It is most helpful to recognise and address the trauma to which clients have been exposed directly. When it is seen and acknowledged, a great deal of the stress is removed from the interaction between professional and client, which makes creative solution finding a lot easier for both.

In Australia I brought trauma informed practice to counselling agencies. in embracing this approach they found that it leads to satisfying results for both their clients and their therapists and counsellors. I bring that experience to your business and look forward to our collaboration.

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