From Drama to Dharma

An intense and adventurous journey for committed people!

Dharma means 'the eternal law/truth of the cosmos inherent in the very nature of things' - and no, you don't need to learn Sanskrit,  I (Adima) simply like the slogan.

This is for you when you burn with an inner fire to be free ... when you (sometimes) had enough of satsangs and other spiritual efforts and feel ready to be yourself rather than a better version of how you are ... when you are in love with silence while aware that we can neither DO it nor hold on to it ... when you want to meet the truth about the last barriers and end up with the last laughter.

On top of the above you need to understand that this is NO promise for any achievement of either enlightenment or other impressive features.

At best you will leave empty, naked, ordinary ... with the questions gone and very little interest in collecting more answers to attend to.

The only promise I give is that I commit to personal honesty and the unfolding truth in the middle of the moment; and that I will do my best not to waste your or my time.

Interested? ... write to me!

With Love



ONLINE: when this works in accordance with your situation and circumstance
FACE TO FACE: The format is a minimum total of 7 days (except travel days) and 10 sessions, including talk, body and energy work (if that applies) and spontaneous activities.
You are asked to be around closely (not too much driving) and commit to a quiet time during which you reduce social and social media activities to truly unavoidable and necessary practical purposes. We will help with/recommend transport, accommodation
Prerequisite: (incase you haven't worked with me before) Online Intake Talk (free) and one session