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Dates: On the LAST SATURDAY of the month at 5:00pm Perth Time. Please check for changes in the schedule 
Duration 100-120 mins,  Zoom opens 15 mins prior for silent sitting with music.

Times: different time zones in the schedule 


Suggested: AUD 25 or more choose your own amount
We ask you for "Donation at Entry". However, admittance to Zoom is not dependent on pre-payment. You can donate after the meeting or any time. 

Please be on time and stay for the whole meeting.
Switch your CAMERA ON. If for any reason you are not able to be on Video, you need to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to the meeting or at entry. "Black Screens" of unknown people will be excluded from the meeting. 

About Satyamitra: "Friends in Truth"  - Meditation and Self Discovery
In an atmosphere of inner and outer silence we're sharing who and how we are as divine beings and as (programmed) human beings. We're investigating the Inner, calming the mind, deepening in connectedness, and also incorporating wisdom of Trauma Therapy and of Tibetan Healing Arts. 



BEFORE Booking, please read Information and Prerequisite:
Workshops can be 1 day or several days of 1-2.5 hrs. This format requires active participation during the meetings.
Prerequisite: participation in 2 previous Zoomings with Adima or an individual session with Adima or Sudeva. In case you do not meet the prerequisite but feel strongly drawn to come, write to us.
When you meet the prerequisite you can BOOK HERE 
After successful booking you will automatically receive the LogIn for Zoom in your email. Repeating a workshop is for 30% when there is room.
Last minute: Online booking CLOSES 24 hrs before events. Emails may not reach later than 18 hrs before.


Former Workshops:

"Spirituality and Trauma Healing"
with Adima & Sudeva
Consiciously combining meditation, inner silence and trauma therapy for successful self-regulation and healing.
Sudeva joins Adima in this workshop with his expertise in Trauma Therapy.

"Attraction and Relating"
or how to stay in my centre
1 x 2.5 hrs
the principles of attraction/relating within us, each other and the world around us


"Judgment separates - True Connection heals"
2 x 2.5 hrs and 1 x 1hr, 3 days

Inner work with judgment and projection
For wholeness
Winning back the energy which leaks through separating ideas
An instant and liberating experience
Max 8 Participants



the Zoom link comes by Email after your registration. It can be used again until further notice