is the foundation.
Meditation itself cannot be "taught" - eventually it happens. We can show you various techniques which definitely invite that happening. The path is the goal!  While practicing you will experience stress release, expanding the capacity of the brain to perform and an ability to stay calm in the midst of the (crazy) world. It is an adventure, which reveals that life is a gift to be enjoyed - not a problem to be solved.

Spirituality is often understood as an 'escape from the world' or the physical existence, in order to avoid certain kinds of hardship. Having found out that that doesn't work, we use spirituality as an ally to assist in realising and expressing our true potential while living ordinary lives.

Complementary Therapy
supports you in discovering and flowering in your uniqueness. No two people awaken or heal in the same way. We offer individually tailored sessionsIntensives, Groups and Trainings.

Healing, like Meditation, can ultimately not be "done". It happens. We offer the space and the methods to invite and support that happening. You are as much involved in this as we are. Article about Healing


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Trauma Therapy
Learning Dying while Living
Meetings for Self-Discovery
Tibetan Pulsing
Energy Healing
Workshops, Groups, Trainings

LightPath is

Joyful, compatible with daily life, transcendent and transforming

  • The main focus is to Self-Discovery and Healing of Trauma.
  • The approach is holistic in paying equal attention to body, mind, emotion and psyche.
  • The invitation is overcoming old patterns, to transform and to heal in ways which are felt in daily life and in relating with others.
  • The goal is to explore life with loving awareness throughout the changes that happen along the path in living and dying.

What do you get?

  • A happy and healthy life
  • Physical and Psychological Healing
  • Personal and Professional Training


The name "LightPath Transformation" indicates brightness and ease.
We think of our job as a Consciousness Tour Guide for Daily Life.
Please note: what we offer is complementary, not alternative. It does NOT replace medical advice, medication or other physical or mental health therapies.

Body and Energy Work to come in closer contact with one's body and it's inner language

Advanced Courses:
It works through the octaves of development of consciousness and how this plays out in your individual programming. (involves Tibetan Pulsing)


in case you really mean it! :)