The "Here and Now" is a shift in consciousness
from the old to the eternally unknown
from the habitual to the truthful
from knowledge to spontaneous intelligence

Living in the Now is not a spiritual exercise or an esoteric luxury.
It is an opening for inner and outer peace. Instead of making efforts to imagine how you should be, you can discover WHO and HOW you truly are. Our work is dedicated to this discovery.

Finding out who and how you really are is unveiling what is already within you. Rather than trying to ‘fix you’ or ‘make you fit in’ we support you to flower in your uniqueness.

How to "learn" the Here and Now
The body knows this, it can't be anywhere else than here and now.
The heart knows this, it loves always NOW. (Try to love in the past or future - you'll quickly find that the past isn't very relevant and future is non existing).
With body and heart knowing how to be in the here and now, only the mind needs a bit of help.

Combining wisdom and science from the East and West
in a broad spectrum of ancient and modern techniques of meditation, therapy and body energy work.



Who is it for?
This is for everyone who is in touch with an inner fire ... with a longing to be free and dislodge old luggage forever.
Newcomers and advanced spiritual self-explorers are equally welcome to this adventure.

Professional Training
We teach and educate in the methods we use. This is excellent for health practitioners, teachers, therapists, anyone working in related fields and also for private clients who like to explore deeper


We value and practice emotional safety, confidentiality and a professional attitude. It's important to us to support you in your uniqueness and bring this to flowering.
We start by finding out together how we match and how to serve you best with a free Welcome Counselling. Ask us for an appointment link. Our approach in private sessions is individually tailored. 

We enable our clients to help themselves!

What we do roots in over 30 years of practice and experience in meditation, in working with people, university studies as well as spiritual schools and personal talents.

We share what has been helpful, liberating and healing in our lives. We understand our role to be a Consciousness Tour-Guide for daily life.

Specialised in:

  • Supporting to discover a light in the darkest hour
  • Stress related diseases and burn-out
  • Eating Disorders
  • Barriers experienced around sexuality
  • Spine and joint aches
  • Specific men's/women's work

    Education and degrees

Important note:

What we offer and practice is complementary not alternative.
It does NOT replace medical advice, medication or other physical or mental health therapies

Please make Contact if you have any questions or ask for an appointment link for a Welcome Counselling