Tibetan Pulsing

Tibetan Iridology (Eye Reading)

Divine Flow - Energy Healing

The Song of You (personal growth training based on Tibetan Pulsing)

Individual Intensive (guidance towards self-realisation)


Short Descriptions:
In Tibetan Pulsing Sessions
you lie comfortably on a mattress while we work on the (dressed) body with gentle touch (acupressure) and sound (music).

The Iridology
is at the beginning of Tibetan Pulsing Sessions and it can also be booked as a separate session.

Energy Healing Flow happens while you lie on a massage bench, occasionally you might be sitting.

All our sessions
generally suit people of all ages. Special work is available for men and women. 
It is important that you inform us about special requirements BEFORE your 1st appointment.

What we offer and practice is complementary not alternative. It does NOT replace medical advice, medication or other therapies for physical or mental health.