Friends in Truth - SATYAMITRA

Discovering (your) true being - in silence and dialogue

"In the middle of the moment
You can't escape happiness

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In an atmosphere of inner and outer silence we explore who and how we truly are.

How does your uniqueness relate as a human and spiritual being in this world awake awareness and an open heart

Discovering who you truly are is not a "doing". It is already within you. It's rather a remembering, or more precisely a receiving.

All topics/questions are welcome, about 'normal' daily life or spiritual themes.
By listening to each other with open minds and hearts a certain magic occurs, which uplifts and supports us in recognising the truth.

Open meetings last about 2 hours

No prerequisites

Everyone is welcome

Meetings are often framed by singing and (mantra) chanting - Life musicians welcome, please contact us.


from a long time fellow traveler and guest of satsang meetings with Adima:
"Adima can see and bring out the good in the faultiest person. She also unmasks in loving and humorous ways what is faulty in the most "holy" person. Somehow she makes a range of very different people very interested in their true nature. That happens with an astonishing ease - but leaves no escape."


Individual Journey
Individual Intensive


(Satya 'Truth', Mitra 'Friend').
"Sharing truth as friends is a challenging invitation to heart and mind, especially in facebook times. The invitation is to be equals without same-making, to learn wisdom of discernment and to expand into being authentic."

Self-Inquiry / Self-Discovery
is about “Who am I really? ” This inquiry invites personal honesty and opens space inside for universal truth. Facing the truth about how we are reveals our programmming and conditioning. Investigating who am I points to being fully present in the middle of the moment.

means 'Connected or associated or in community (sangha) with truth'(sat). Traditiononally it refers to gatherings of truth seekers around a teacher who may answer questions or may simply share their energy field of non dual awareness or enlightenment. Gatherings can also happen as silent sittings without a teacher present.


Our YouTube Channel is slowly growing in English; it also offers the Satsang videos and interviews in German from 2004-2014

If you like to host meetings in your area contact us.