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Sessions in SKYPE or ZOOM

In order to coordinate several time zones well, we have a BOOKING SYSTEM for all appointments.

The Booking System / Instructions how to use to the Booking System

you can choose, change or cancel your appointment yourself
The booking system is up to date and shows what is available. If you find you have a "long" wait time, check again, spots do open up.

Contact us for a free welcome counselling

Skype:  info(at) / LightPath AdimaSudeva
Zoom: click the link which comes by email


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Sometimes people prefer support in writing to an online consultation. When you send us your question/issue and we feel able to support you sufficiently by email, we are happy to do that.
For complex email support we may ask you for a reasonable monetary balance. 

All contacting emails and not too complex sharings by email
For session clients and group participants email support is generally included