7 Step Clearance Process

This process is based in the wisdom of the holistic method of Tibetan Pulsing.
Specific issues of physical and/or mental and psychological conditions can be approached.

Each step/session addresses and literally touches a certain layer
within the condition, which we are working on. That invites a process of transformation, which releases old charge from cell memory and resets the nervous system to its natural harmony. It is important that the sessions happen in a certain sequence and timing. Similar to 'taking one's medicine regulary' to build a plateau in the system, one benefits from staying with the sequence.

Why 7 Steps ?

The 7 Steps are a reoccurring principal in the world around us, individual and universal. It is inherent in music (scales) and in the development of consiciousness in man. This is documented and illustrated in old Tibetan maps of consciousness as well as modern development plans for business. It also can be recognised in the happenings of each individual life or within each project zouäre working with. Tibetan Pulsing applies the principle through the body and energy work.

Structure of this Process

In order for the nervous sytem to respond properly and efficiently to this process it is necessary to work in a certain rhythm. This may vary a bit individually but generally follows a plan of receiving 7 sessions within 14-20 days.

Issues we are especially experienced with:

  • Discovering a light in the darkest hour
  • Stress related diseases (Burn out)
  • Trauma related issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Digestion problems (physical and emotional ones)
  • Barriers experienced around sexuality
  • Spine and joint aches
  • Specific men's / women's work

One individual session of Tibetan Pulsing and an eye reading.The session counts into the 7 step plan when it can be arranged in a suitable timing.
Commitment to the structure as described above (7 sessions within 14-21 days)

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