What is Tibetan Pulsing Iridology - The Eye Reading?

What - on earth - has the Tarot to do with the Nervous System?

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Tibetan Pulsing Iridology - The Eye Reading
An eye reading is at the start of working with Tibetan Pulsing. As they say, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. That is true and not only that. The eyes show the script for “the role you play in life”.
This "map" of the eye reading is based on fundamental physiological and psychological knowledge as well as the wisdom behind the picture language of the Tarot. These pictures show the archetypes of our inner programming. Our moods and our expression come from those archetypes.

We use this Tibetan Pulsing Iridology to explore conditioning by distinguishing between “who am I really?” and “how do I function?” This gives you an understanding of what truly belongs to you and what doesn't, it shows why you suffer from certain conditions and suggests solutions on how to overcome this. 

The analysis of this Iridology evolves out of the specific understanding of the map of nervous system given by the holistic view of Tibetan Pulsing. Therefore, this eye reading differs entirely from common iridology. It's a different map. It uses a holistic view on the causes of physical or psychological illness and psychosomatic conditions.

How to get an Eye-Reading with Tibetan Iridology

The Tarot in the Nervous System
We all share the ability to perceive picture language. Picture language is what our dreams are made of. The subconscious can read and absorb pictures without understanding intellectually in words.
Human beings of all cultures and times have expressed their experiences in drawings or paintings. We find that on ancient cave walls and ornaments. Those pictures often show the story of daily life or the perception from within, the inner world of experiencing. When we look at aspects of such pictures, they may not be very easy to grasp and yet, some undersanding or resonance often happens. We can feel a deeper meaning even though we do not understand intellectually.

At some point in time, supposedly in Egypt, someone had the idea to create a comprehensible sequence of pictures to express the development of human consciousness. That sequence finds itself today called the Tarot. Our inner picture world, our private home entertainment facility contributes widely to what we call memory. From the picture files we form a big part of "the story of me", who we (believe) we are. That is why we sometimes act acording to some very old imprint without even thinking about it.
In Tibetan Pulsing the place in the nervous system where we have a disturbing or burdensome influence can be touched directly with it's according picture, symbolised by the Tarot cards.

Origin and Meaning of Tarot
Over time and in various cultures and through many minds involved, the interpretation of the Tarot pictures and picture language itself changed and coloured different aspects in different ways. People had the clever idea that “if this expresses the development of our consciousness, then maybe we can use it to predict things” …
Yet the Tarot is originally and primarily not a tool for “fortune telling.” It is a tool to discover and understand the development of human consciousness, collectively and individually, on the path of incarnation in a body, in this world and further towards liberation into pure divinity, into oneness.

The Raider White Tarot Deck in Tibetan Pulsing

There is a Tarot deck with a rather innocent, childlike picture language which makes it easy to recognise the inner experience once the sequence is revealed. That is the deck of Raider White.
Tibetan Pulsing has chosen this deck to illustrate the nervous system and what I call its “Inner Play-Rooms”. It illustrates the “role we play in this life”. The pictures mirror and reflect what is programmed in our nervous system in terms of basic attitudes, perception, emotion, feeling and psyche. As a template, those pictures embrace and reflect the human nature across cultural, personal or religious back grounds. Each of the cards takes a certain place on our map of Tibetan Pulsing Iridology (Eye-Reading). What is known as the Major Arcanum is expressed in the nervous system through the Yang Energy. What we experience as our emotional world is illustrated in the Minor Arcanum and the Face Cards and expresses as our feminine, Yin energy.

This sacred knowledge lives IN YOU.
It is as ancient as it is modern and highly entertaining. Come and discover !