The Dance of Life to the Divine Song

A training for personal growth and healing and/or becoming a practitioner.
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Discovering: who you are - and: what you are not!
This training gives you the profound and complex knowledge and techniques of Tibetan Pulsing Body Work and Eye Reading (Tibetan Iridology).

You will receive maps and tools to understand the layers of the subconscious and to transcend the suffering of "me and my story". In this way you may unplug from conditioned beliefs and false concepts with a strong spine and a smile in your heart.

It will bring light into the (inner) world - the cosmos of electrical circuits which run the nervous system. We will explore and discover the structure and texture of the body and its organs as vehicles of consciousness.

This is not a common "learning something" situation. The experience of the pulsing will take you on a journey deep within yourself and raise an understanding from within which connects you into a sense of completion and oneness with yourself and others.

You will have at least 50 Training Units. Two times 25. These include the 24 frequencies of Tibetan Pulsing. They colour the male and female expression within our nervous system and in the world around us.

There is lots to discover, it is deeply relaxing on the body level and it is highly entertaining. You learn to laugh about yourself more often and understand what used to be problems in your life as invitations to investigate the subconscious and bring love and light into it.

The spiritual dimension
If you want to live in the Here-and-Now, you need to be willing to die (as an ego with its story) in every moment and likewise be reborn in every moment as pure innocent consciousness, while able to act with the knowledge of how the world works. The "dying of ego" needs (you) to welcome every moment 100% in its "so-being". Experiencing the pulse supports that fundamentally!



Format: Two Parts, which are usually happening within two years.
Each part consists of a total of 24 Training Days and approx. 400 hrs. The 24 trainings days are scheduled as either 8 or 12 day units, PLUS an introduction/reconnection day.

PART 1: FROM I TO ME (right eye -  male qualities)
PART 2: FROM ME TO THIS (left eye - female qualities)

It is strongly recommended to begin with Part I (Right Eye). It is possible to ENTER the training in either module of Part I (Right Eye).

The Parts consist of:

TUNING  Discovering what's in our spine. Using light and sound to touch and investigate the subconscious spaces within.
STREAMING A gentle yet powerful merging of individual bodies into one body-mandala or body-chain, in which positive energy floods through our system.
BODY WORK Learning the points ... while learning how to practice pulsing you may experience a deepening of compassion within the quietude of the empty heart.
EYE READING Revealing and encountering our inner programming, deep (old) individual wounds and unknown talents. All in a safe, loving and playful way.
THEATRE Expressing the hidden or "unwanted" parts of our personality in a way which is liberating and humorous.

Prerequisite: individual sessions and a workshop/group which gives you a taste of the work before you actually start the Intensive.

Practitioner Certificate: requires additional training days (4 weekends), assisting and supervision. In case you are working with people already this will be taken into account, but it will not replace the additional training altogether.

Place/Date: in planning for Western Australia for 2020

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