What is Somatic Experiencing in Transforming Trauma


Trauma can arise in two ways: from a one-off shock such as an accident or in the course of growing up or further development, especially when childhood is unhappy or abusive.

Ours is a natural approach to the resolution and healing of both those kinds of trauma.

The IMPORTANT thing is, you don’t have to dig into old wounds, retell the whole story or relive the event.

Our work is to gently support and guide you into an increased enjoyment of life and appreciation of all you feel and sense.

Inner balance can be restored, vitality and resilience to stress increased and the capacity to fully engage in life can emerge.

We support you to come back to an innocent and natural state ...

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Special Development

In 2012 we (Adima and Sudeva) began to experiment with Tibetan Pulsing in the context of Trauma Therapy and found this to give very satisfying results. Tibetan Pulsing seems to be an adequate tool (for most people) to support exactly what is needed in the delicate process of transforming trauma.

Special Support
For turbulent times of loss, illness and in the dying process.
Adima offers the Bardo Work