A Toolkit for Life


ONLINE - 8 Meetings with Adima & Sudeva
the first 3 meetings can be attended separately 

The reality of this world is asking for a fundamental change. We are that change. We are the New Man and Woman.

HOW? In essence, as Self, with understanding, compassion and trust and by sharing that with each other

Here you learn to keep the shadow creators out of your own light

We can be true to the truth and dis-empower obstacles that keep us from being that

Building consciously loving connection on the way as we go along towards Light, Love and Freedom

Rather than trying to figure out how on Earth we got here and who's fault it was, let's get ready for transformation.

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COURSE INFO: Update 23 April

If you've come here from our Facebook Page please read these important course details before you register here

Tibetan Pulsers can join this course at the same conditions as before

JUNE - Dec 2022 - 8 Meetings, On Sundays 16:30 - 19:00 Perth time

Dates & Time
We've chosen a time which fits for participants from Europe and Australia. Look up your time zone in our schedule

The first 3 sessions can be attended separately. From the 4th session you'll have to commit to completing the process.

Registration and Signing the Consent Form, which we will send to you by Email after you've registered 
From Session 4 you will need to have done one of the former at sessions 

Price Information
FULL COURSE, 8 SESSIONS: AUD 390 (A$ 48.75 per session)
Single session #1-3 ONLY     AUD   55 per session 
5 Sessions #4-8:                 AUD 250 (A$ 50 per session)

When you're seriously interested and haven't met us yet you can book a20 mins free video call to get to know us

This is a training in consciousness. It is for yourself. It supports inner growth, brings you towards your true essence and it will be useful for anyone working with people. 

We'll work with identifying and overcoming that, which habitually creates shadows. We will address issues by following the structure of their "home level" of consciousness (chakras) and according to their emotional and psychological resonance with the organs of the body (Tibetan Pulsing wisdom).

This means: not only do you get a precise somatic connection and view but also a consciousness health care plan for your bodily organs and general wellbeing to continue.

Examples of Themes: survival, fear, unnecessary conformity/compromises, power issues, projections/judgment, emotional resentment and corruption, self denial and self-destruction - and transformation/celebration of living and dying.

Self-Inquiry based in the wisdom of Tibetan Pulsing, Development of Conscious Evolution in 3 Octaves, the Enneagram, Trauma Therapy, Guided Meditation, Music and Chanting. 

Cancellation for packages of either 5 or 8 sessions is required 7 days before start day for a 90% refund. 10% administration fee.
Cancellation for single session is required 7 days before start for a 70% refund. 
No show without warning or internet connection problems can not be refunded.
In case of sudden illness or emergency we will discuss an appropriate refund after receiving a valid documented reason.

There will be no replay of the sessions online.
We will offer audio or video material for course members, after the course completed or in exceptional cases individually, when a session was missed.

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