"Friends in Truth" - SATYAMITRA

Meetings for Self-Discovery

Online in Zoom:

In English: Starting June 21 / In German: since April 5
Please check the dates in our schedule

Email us to receive the Login-Link or sign up for the Newsletter.
After the first meeting you can join with that same link (until further notice, links change after some time for security).

5pm  Perth /7pm Sydney / 11am Mainland Europe
Meetings last about 90 minutes
Login and installation are easy: You click the login-link, which you receive by email.  
Please login on time and join us for the whole meeting

The First Meetng you attend is FREE!
Thereafter we suggest a donation of AUD $20 Up
Friends who are having regular sessions with us are free of charge during their session process.

Face to Face

Meetings in a venue  last up to 2 hrs
Admission is 1/2 hr before start - Please come early!
Please check our schedule for dates


MANDURAH at Sarah's Circle Holistic Hub, 23 Scotts Street, Mandurah 6210
Chairs are provided, you can bring your own meditation cushion or floor chair
Donation at the door, suggested $20 Up
We appreciate registration by sms or email for the set-up