Transformation For Body and Mind
In a nutshell: the Light Path is
Simple yet powerful
Compatible in daily life
Holistic, transcendent and transforming

Spirituality and Complementary Therapy
Spirituality is often used as an 'escape from the world' or the physical existence, in order to avoid certain hardship. Apart from having found out that that doesn't work, we use it as an ally to assist that, which can be fixed or healed and to embrace what can not be fixed or healed - and doesn't need to!

Combining wisdom and science from the East and West
We combine wisdom and science from the East and West by using a broad spectrum of ancient and modern techniques of meditation, therapy and body energy work.
This supports the human and the spiritual potential to come to flowering. We pass on what works for us and enriches our lives since many years

Our work contains 3 main aspects:

1 SPIRITUAL AWAKENING for Self-Realisation
Before Self-Realisation comes Self-Inquiry, the question: “Who am I really?” This inquiry invites personal honesty and revelations of universal truth. In facing and welcoming who and how we truly are, liberation and realisation is possible.
During our life we adopt and adapt a lot of ideas from others about us. Such ideas can never really fit with us because we’re all unique! Rather than trying to ‘fix you’ or ‘make you fit in’ we support you to flower in your uniqueness.

is based on Somatic Experiencing (SE) which is a body oriented way of approaching both kinds of trauma, shock trauma and developmental trauma. We also include attachment styles and the neurological effects of trauma on relationship. In 2012 we began to include Tibetan Pulsing in the Trauma Therapy. Our sensitive application of this combination shows great benefit for most people in supporting the Trauma Healing process as needed with either titration, pendulation or release.

The holistic method of Tibetan Pulsing can assist and heal physical, psychological, mental and emotional disease or damage in the nervous system in a profound and lasting way.
Energy Healing is an intuitive technique which uses psychic attunement and channeled energy. The experience is deeply relaxing and blissful.

What do you get?

  • Insight into who and how you are
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Awareness
  • Physical and Psychological Healing
  • Personal and Professional Training
  • Expanding Capacity to Enjoy Life

Who is it for?
This is for everyone who is in touch with an inner fire ... with a longing to be free and an interest to explore the adventures of the Inner.
Newscomers and advanced spiritual self-explorers are welcome to join in discovering peace and harmony within oneself and with others, effortlessness in meditation & mindfulness and learning or improving ways of sharing the growth of consciouness. Let’s expand our capacity to enjoy life.

In case you are already working with people ... We teach and reveal the work behind the work, the methods we use. This is excellent for health practitioners, teachers, therapists, anyone working in related fields and also for private clients who like to explore deeper.

Ethics and Approach

It's important to us to support you in your uniqueness and bring this to flowering.
We start by finding out together how we match and how to serve you. (Free Welcome Counselling)

The focus is on Self-Discovery and Healing of Trauma.
The approach is holistic in paying equal attention to body, mind, emotion and psyche.
The invitation is to overcome old patterns, to transform and to heal in a way which is felt in daily life and in relating with others.
The goal is to explore life in loving awareness throughout the changes that happen along the path. That includes the happy events as well as illness and aging and the dying process.

We equally value and practice professional attitude, emotional safety and confidentiality.

We are passionate about enabling our clients to help themselves!

What we do roots in over 30 years of practice and experience in meditation, in working with people, university studies as well as spiritual schools and personal talents.

We share what has been helpful, liberating and healing in our lives.

We understand our role to be a Consciousness Tour-Guide for daily life.

Specialised in:

  • Supporting to discover a light in the darkest hour
  • Stress related diseases and burn-out
  • Eating Disorders
  • Barriers experienced around sexuality
  • Spine and joint aches
  • Specific men's/women's work

    Educations and degrees

Important note:

All our offers are meant to be complementary rather than alternative. Our work does not replace medical advice, medication or other therapies you might need or have already begun.

Please ask us if you have any questions

A Welcome Counselling is free before your first appointment.