Welcome to Meditation and Relaxation

For Eveyone, for Daily Life

In nowadays world and its quickening effective tools are very needed to help relax the body and ease the mind. Meditation is a healthy, easy medicine ofr both, body and mind. Rather than separating one's "normal" from one's "spiritual" life or trying to find big free spaces in overfull schedules, we've looked for ways to integrate what's needed into daily life.

It truly is all about BEING PRESENT IN THE HERE-NOW and how to "learn" that. The body knows it, it can't be anywhere else. The heart knows it, it loves always in the Now. It's that genius software called "mind", which needs a little help to cooperate with being in this moment. Well, here is some help which we find useful:

introducing and facilitating various ancient and modern techniques to ground the body, ease the mind and liberate the spirit.
We use active and silent techniques and offer introduction classes. Newcomers and experienced meditatiors welcome! Check schedule for times.

Stress has been found to be the main cause for most of all physical, mental and psychological disorders. There are various causes affecting our nervous systems. The vast and wise work of Tibetan Pulsing allows us to offer stress release treatments and workshops with lasting effects. Check schedule for times

Suports you in finding exactly the right tools for you.
For several decades we have experienced and noticed the apparent riddle of how to integrate silence and relaxation in the busy lives we all live. What works, what doesn't? We looked into the questions that came up for us: Is there a point in "5 min meditations?" (Yes), Is it necessary to give up one's life in order to achieve deeper truth, silence or healing"? (no) ... and so on.
Over time we became aware of some useful ingredients: a willingness to STOP... (for much less than 5 mins helps already) and a commitment to personal honesty. Very simple tools help us to experience the unimaginable embrace of divine energy which expresses as truth and love.

(The Song of You)

(in case you really mean it! :))