Meetings for Self-Discovery

Welcome in the middle of the moment

"The Here-And-Now is a shift in consciousness

from the old to the eternally unknown
from the habitual to the truthful
from knowledge to spontaneous intelligence

Living in the Now is not a spiritual exercise or an esoteric luxury. It is an opening into inner and outer peace.

Instead of making efforts to imagine how you should be, you can discover WHO and HOW you truly are." (Adima)


Friends in Truth   "Satyamitra"

Satsang Meetings with Adima

Unveiling and sharing the Truth of who and how we are

Self-discovery in silence & conversation

you have ever done
or not done
can prevent or provoke
the truth, the beauty, the completion
of who you are.

It is so close that we usually overlook it."


About the Meetings

In an atmosphere of inner and outer silence we explore who and how we truly are.

We share experience - which is from the past - and take a look beyond the known, which points into the middle of this moment.

All themes and questions are welcome, concerning so called normal daily life as well as spiritual issues, clearing misunderstandings around enlightenment, awakening, realisation and other expectations we burden ourselves with.

Open public meetings last about 2 hours

No prerequisites

Donation at the door

Everyone is welcome

(Satya 'Truth', Mitra 'Friend').
"To me (Adima) this word expresses the challenge of sharing awakening with each other. Sharing truth as friends is a challenging invitation to heart and mind, especially in facebook times. It made me look into the true value of friendship and the misunderstandings. For me the invitation here is to be equals without same-making, to learn wisdom of discernment and expand into authentic openness."

means 'Being in association with Truth'. It usually refers to gatherings of people in self-inquiry around a teacher or meditating together.

Self-Inquiry / Self-Discovery
is about “Who am I really? What is true?” This inquiry invites personal honesty and revelations of universal truth.
In ruthlessly facing the truth about how we are as a human being (this is our program) within who we are as divine consciousness (this is presence in full awareness in the moment), liberating realisation is possible.

from a long time fellow traveler and guest of satsang meetings with Adima:
"Adima can see and bring out the good in the faultiest person. She also unmasks in loving and humorous ways what is faulty in the most "holy" person. Somehow she makes a range of very different people very interested in their true nature. That happens with an astonishing ease - but leaves no escape."


There are no videos in English yet. Satsang videos and interviews in German from 2004-2014 you can find here

If you like to host meetings in your area contact us. Live musicians welcome, please contact us.






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