Healing Through Love

Tibetan Pulsing uses the power of love for healing and growth of consciousness.
Every heart longs to reconnect to its source of natural divinity, of being whole within oneself and with others. Tibetan Pulsing ignites this reunion.
It is one of those techniques which are much easier to experience than to explain! Yet, here we explain as best we can or you may want to try the extended version.


Technically speaking Tibetan Pulsing uses bio-electrical current through touch (acupressur) and sound (frequencies). It applies the acupressure and the sound in a specific way, which discharges negative physical, emotional and mental charges from the nervous system. It is holistic, based on maps of the nervous system, which show the reason for sufferings and what can be done about it.
Practically speaking there is touch in certain resonance points or zones, while you're lying down, listening to music. The body relaxes, the mind becomes quieter and the emotions calm towards equanimity. The music you listen to is "tuned", which means it vibrates in the same frequency as the issues (or organ) we're working on.

An eye reading is at the start of working with Tibetan Pulsing. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. They show the script for “the role you play in life”. This Eye Reading differs from common iridology as it is using a holistic view on the causes of physical or psychological illness and psychosomatic conditions. This gives you an understanding of why you suffer from certain conditions and guides you how to overcome this.

The ORGAN YOGA which keeps the body healthy and in harmony.
The TANTRA OF THE HEART which teaches meditative rituals for balancing energy flow.
BOTH can be experienced in individual sessions or in classes and groups, learning and practicing with partners.
There is a big range of treatments from realxing wellness sessions to profound processes of physical and psychological healing.

In the early 2000 years Adima began to use Tibetan Pulsing as a key tool for Self-Development and Realisation. It turned out to successfully support most people in integrating spiritual transformation in their daily life.
In 2012 both, Adima and Sudeva began to experiment with Tibetan Pulsing in the context of Trauma Therapy. Their sensitive application of this combination shows great benefit in supporting the Trauma Healing process as needed with either titration, pendulation or release.

The work roots in ancient spiritual and healing wisdom of Tibet and China. Even though it originates from Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries it is not a religious teaching but simply a helpful method for everyone. It is beneficial for private clients as well as for professionals who work with people.

From 1987-1998, Adima and Sudeva studied and worked closely with Sw. Shantam Dheeraj, the founder and lineage holder of Tibetan Pulsing Healing.
They offer sessions, groups, personal and educational trainings and are both specialised in either men's or women's work.

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