Light Path is about Self-Discovery, Therapy and Healing. Exploring and expanding your human and spiritual potential. You'll find transformational tools for lasting changes in daily life.

What we offer is complementary, not alternative. It does NOT replace medical advice, medication or other physical or mental health therapies.

We combine wisdom and science from the East and West with over thirty years of experience in Meditation, Spirituality and Complementary Therapies.

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This is for ordinary people and for daily life

  • Self-Development for inner and outer peace.
  • Serving body and mind in pleasant ways for health and happiness.

During our life we adopt and adapt a lot of ideas from others about us. Such ideas can never really fit with us because we’re all unique! Rather than trying to ‘fix you’ or ‘make you fit in’ we support you to flower in your uniqueness.

This is for everyone who is in touch with an inner fire, with a longing to be free and to live a happy and healthy life. Whether you are a beginner on the spiritual path or an advanced self-explorer, you're welcome to join consciousness, hands and hearts for transformation.

The Work behind the Work

We train people personally and professionally in the techniques of our work. This is excellent for professionals who are working with people and also for private clients who like to explore deeper.

We are passionate about enabling our clients to help themselves!

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