B.A. Counselling

Trauma Therapist

Body Worker

Meditation Teacher

Practitioner and Trainer of Tibetan Pulsing

Sudeva Life Story

Adima & Sudeva's Story


For the people I work with I want the same as I want for myself: freedom from the clutter, the mental noise, emotional pain and physical problems that keep us from being fully ourselves. In my work over more than 25 years, I have developed a variety of skills as a talk therapist and body-worker that enable me to offer each client a unique approach that is tailored to their needs.

Work Experience

Working with relationships and in the field of domestic violence over a period of 7 years widened my view and inspired new ways of approach. Especially in guiding men through the difficult circumstances that surround domestic violence, I learned how easily personal love relationships and also work relationships are damaged.

I found that almost all of these clients had a highly traumatic childhood and this inspired me to study trauma therapy, both shock- and developmental-trauma, in depth. The emotional and psycho-emotional issues I met in my clients deepened and developed my psychological understanding and my compassion.  I learned compassion for all the times we fail to be who we would love to be.

My Job

The two legs on which I stand and base my practice are my experience of life in the outside world and my expansion into meditation and the inner world.  I combine these two to offer my clients something rare, a real opportunity to find their own sense of direction in the company of a supportive ally, at once eliminating that which is tired and no longer wanted in their lives and developing new strengths.

I offer individual sessions, workshops and educational trainings and employee assistance for the work-place. We are available online and face to face at our practice in Narrikup, near Albany, Western Australia.

Sudeva Life Story

Adima & Sudeva's Story