'Satyamitra' means Friends in Truth


Discovering (your) True Being

"It's all about openness. About being present without our measuretapes, without judgement or expectation.
Paying attention to how life is as me, as you and as everything around us, forever changing and unpredictable.
Sharing that with one another is what I call sharing truth as friends: Satyamitra."

Public (Online) Meetings, Individual Talks, Silent Retreats
Unveiling the truth involves facing it. In an atmosphere of inner and outer silence we explore who and how we truly are. Considering the divine oneness as self and the programmed aspects of mind and nervous system.

Meetings in Truth show a magical quality. Being together with an intent to discover truth uplifts and enriches everyone present with the light that we all share. It also works online! Discovering who one truly is, is not a "doing". It is rather a remembering, or more precisely a receiving.

Living true to the truth in daily life is not about "instead-solutions", like enlightenment instead of how you are now. It's rather about discovering the light, the truth which is already here - in spite of and including our programmed shortcomings. 

There is no such thing as a 'spiritual life' versus a 'normal' one.  Life is just life. The only relevant difference is whether we are awake and aware in the Here-and-Now or we are asleep and dreaming to be 'spiritual' or 'normal' or something else 'different' from what we are this very moment.

In the middle of this moment you can't escape happiness.

"I call the name of the basic energy, the energy that we are, life. If life becomes love, inner growth is happening. Then love can become light - that is another growth. If life becomes love you are on the path, and if love becomes light you have reached.
These three words are very meaningful to me: life, the basic energy; love, the transformation of this energy into a celebration; and light, the transformation of love, through 
meditation, into divine existence."                                       (Osho, The Eternal Quest)


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  • Duration about 2 hours
  • No prerequisites
  • Everyone is welcome
  • Donation at the Door
  • Life musicians welcome, please contact us.




As a teenager of 16 I read about the Indian Mystic 'Osho' in a German magazine ... About eight years later, in 1984 a never ending journey of discovery began in his presence and beyond.


In 1991 I spent two life changing weeks meeting 'Papaji' - Sri Harilal Poonjaji. His directness shattered what was conceptual, his love and laughter silenced the doubt and left me with a true possibility of freedom.


"By losing interest in wanting what is not here or trying to change life against its natural flow, one becomes a beginner in this moment. It is hard to explain 'who am I' but something in being it is very simple. You're invited to discover that."

Individual Journey


Individual Intensive
For committed people

REVIEW from a long time fellow traveler and guest of satsang meetings with Adima:
"Adima can see and bring out the good in the faultiest person. She also unmasks in loving and humorous ways what is faulty in the most "holy" person. Somehow she makes a range of very different people very interested in their true nature. That happens with an astonishing ease - but leaves no escape."


Self-Inquiry / Self-Discovery is about “Who am I really? ” This inquiry invites personal honesty and opens space inside for receiving universal truth. Facing the truth about how we are reveals our programmming and conditioning. Investigating who am I points to being fully present in the middle of the moment.

Satsang means 'Associated or connected (sangha) with truth'(sat). Traditionally the word 'satsang' refers to gatherings of seekers around a teacher who would answer to questions or share their energy field of non dual awareness or enlightenment in a silent gathering. Gatherings also happen without a teacher, with music or chanting.

Satyamitra'  Satya means 'Truth', Mitra means 'Friend'. Sharing truth as friends is a challenging invitation to heart and mind. It asks for being equals without same-making, to learn wisdom of discernment, while being personally honest and expand into the relaxation of being authentic."


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