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About Adima About Sudeva

During the seventies, Sudeva had exchanged Cambridge University with a horse drawn caravan and explored life as a hippie in Scotland. I (Adima) experienced the pleasures and pains of a performing modern dancer at the beginning of a promising career in Germany. The life changing event, which created a new direction for both of us, was the discovery of meditation and the opportunity to meet an enlightened spiritual master.

We have traveled the world and explored many adventures on the outer and inner journey. We explored the Inner and began to grow with a spiritual master, teachers and fellow-travellers. Learning from life equally through insight and misunderstanding, and sharing that with friends fueled and moved us on the journey.

We find that Life is the teacher and Love the mysterious force, which keeps us going ... deepening in the unknown and beyond goals ... towards the Light.

In the past we walked in the same direction on two pathways, which often met but followed individual pace and curves until life brought us together to walk on side by side. Relationship has been engraved on both our paths, living together is our blessing in disguise. In the world we are married, in the heart we are one, in spirit we're learning to live true to the truth as friends.

The Indian Mystic

Living true to the truth is our shared enthusiasm! In exploring the vastness of NOW, we keep looking beyond the habitual and the known and support each other in being open to the ongoing surprises of life.

We both had the great good luck to be with the Indian Mystic and Spiritual Master Osho through deeply challenging and transforming times. We learned to meditate and watch the mind while time presented its amazing velocity. Those “few years” seem to equal decades in their richness.

In awe we discovered how we knew less and less, while learning that the answer to all questions and problems can be found within, in the vast emptiness of the silent heart.

Tibetan Pulsing

With Shantam Dheeraj (J.R. Murley) we studied the nervous system through his work of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga. We dived deeply into the secrets of sound, opening the understanding of the Inner. Our individual response to his teaching was and is very similar. Over the years this has brought forth congruent ways of using Tibetan Pulsing as a tool for healing and growth of consciousness.
We love to share with whoever is interested what has integrated in us as truthful and nourishing. Moreover, we love to share the relaxing liberty of not knowing, and the trust in the power of Now.

We offer transformational tools which enable felt support in daily life.
The magic and wisdom behind and beyond the tools may support you to realise peace and love within and to enjoy life in a healthy body.

Working with People

We each began working with people in the early 90s.
We exchanged common careers for an uncommon life style and kind of passed by most of the jobs that would look great in a bio. Nonetheless we have achieved various diplomas and certificates (see PDF here if you like).

During many years of working with people the natural flow of change has reshaped and developed what we learned in Universities, spiritual schools or what we brought with us as personal talents and intuitive gifts. It keeps changing gestalt as we move on in the flow of life and in meeting you.


What we do roots in almost four decades of practice and experience with meditation and working with people, in university studies as well as spiritual schools and personal talents. We're both intuitively well wired to 'see you' and pick you up exactly where you are. It is our joy to reflect to you how precious your being is and we're honoured to accompany you for a part of your journey. We understand our role to be a kind of Consciousness Tour-Guide for daily living and also for dying.

Additional influences to various Trauma Therapies and Transformational Bodywork Methods are the Enneagram and more recently also the Gene Keys

Education and degrees (PDF)

Specialised Therapy

    • Discovering a light in the darkest hour
    • Stress and burn-out related diseases 
    • Eating Disorders
    • Barriers experienced around sexuality
    • Spine and joint aches

We love to accompany you for a part of your journey