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"Satyamitra" means Friends in Truth
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Last Friday of the month
Please confirm dates in the schedule and find different time zones.
Note: from November time will change!
Duration 100-120 mins,  Zoom opens 15 mins prior for silent sitting with music.
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Recurring Meetings

Self-Discovery in silence and dialogue. In an atmosphere of inner and outer silence we share spiritual and daily life questions and reports. It's about discovering the truth of who and how we are. Experiencing spiritual oneness and understanding our individual programming. Meditation, wisdom of Trauma Therapy and of Tibetan Healing Arts flavour the meetings as well as chanting or singing.
During the Meeting
Please come on time and preferrably stay for the whole meeting.
Everyone is asked to have their CAMERA ON THROUGHOUT, definitely when speaking and at least in the beginning.

Suggested Contribution
By donation, choose your own amount
We ask for "donation at entry". However, admittance to Zoom is not dependent on pre-payment. You can donate after the meeting or any time. 

Workshop Info

Information and Prerequisite:
Workshops are 1 - several days. The format requires active participation during the meetings, working in pairs/teams etc.

Prerequisite: participation in at least two previous Zoom Meetings or individual session with Adima or Sudeva. In case you do not meet this prerequisite but feel strongly drawn to come, write to us.

Booking: When you meet the prerequisite you can book here 
After successful booking you will receive the LogIn for Zoom by email. Repeating a workshop is for 30% when there is room. 

Workshop Themes

Spirituality and Trauma Healing

Attraction & Relating

How to stay centred in relationship

1 x 2.5 hrs
Learning about boundaries and intimacy

The principles of attraction/relating within us, with each other and the world around us.

Judgment separates Connection heals

2 x 2.5 hrs and 1 x 1hr, 3 days
Inner work with projection

Winning back the energy which leaks through separating ideas
An instantly liberating experience

Max 8 Participants

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