Spiritual Therapy

Counselling from the Heart

Counselling from the Heart meets you as an individual and supports you to flower in your own natural way, creating a climate for love and for psychological healing.

We change what can be changed and then go beyond this struggle to those depths where we can accept life as it is, moment to moment. One does not have to fight with life. That does not mean one does nothing about unpleasant or difficult situations. What it does mean is being at peace with the fact that the outcome of our efforts is not always in our hands. We do our best and we cannot do more than we can!

Normally, counselling integrates you into the common mind of society. Yet it is that mind that gets in the way. For example, you may find mental strategies that deal with your issues for a while, but nothing changes on a deeper level. When you discover the wisdom and intelligence of the heart, there is immediately the potential to stay open to the new and the unknown and to transform.

Strength is found in opening to one’s fear, one’s inner darkness. When we hide from that we fight with what is outside of us, when we accept and transcend that, we are able to love and to cherish ourselves and the ones we love.
True receptivity and unconditional love are features which we are all aware of but find it hard to live and practice with each other.
Counselling from the Heart supports learning this step by step.

Men’s and Women’s Work

Sudeva and Adima have both intensively worked with men/women over many years on their specific issues.

Mediation/Family Dispute Resolution
(Sudeva is an Accredited Practitioner)
Relationship break-ups are often made more painful by the desire to hurt the other. Sudeva is an expert in Transformational Mediation to support and empower each other through this difficult time of transition.

All our sessions generally suit people of all ages.
It is important that you inform us about special requirements BEFORE your 1st appointment.

What we offer and practice is complementary not alternative. It does NOT replace medical advice, medication or other therapies for physical or mental health.