About Healing and Special Talents (by Adima 2010)

A healthy human is a whole human, meaning someone who is in peace with what is here, right now..
A good healer is someone, who can sense what is needed in the moment to support being in peace with what is here, right now.

It is a common misunderstanding about "healing," that it would mean to extinguish symptoms or at least, change states according to our preferences.

Symptoms and states are not in the way of truth or realisation of truth. It looks and feels easier to us to be in a body free of pain or dysfunctioning, but pain or dysfunctioning - however unpleasant they may be - are not a hindrance to discover your true nature.
Quite opposite! Pain and disturbances are allies, which remind us that consciousness only uses this body-mind in its own unexplainable, mysterious ways, but is not dependent on this body-mind.

Most people, and especially the ones in healing professions, wish for so-called "healing miracles" (or success) in a sense of gaining control over life - and death.
True Healing is the opposite of control. It is awake openness in the middle of whatever is here in the moment. There is a trap to neglect the body. That is not where I am pointing! It requires responsibility and self-love to serve the truth of being "the oneness" and still take care of one's individual  needs and the body's sensitivities in an appropriate way and with wisdom of discernment.

I get asked quite often, whether "awakened people" experience pain less painful or get around diseases more easily.
You see, there is this fatal hope in the mind that in truth there would be some kind of divine perfection or that the human body-mind-system would become super human through realisation of truth. Such ideas are bogus!

Methods of healing are not essential to discover your true nature - they are helpful in relative ways, that's all. Much more important is your inner focus to that which is already and will always be whole inside yourself, independent of what the symptoms are.

That which is already whole, needs no healing. To discover that is being healed from the illusion of separation.
This discovery is possible during life time. At this point it starts making sense to take care of your body-mind-machine as good as possible. Not because the methods will enlighten you, but simply to support your chance to realise who you are while still in the body.

Osho inspired me many years ago on the issue. I heard him say: "90% of all healing is love, 10% is the method. The healer is only an instrument.“

During my time in India I have learned various methods of healing. I experienced the self-importance of (healer-) ego, fooled by the impression that it would be
"me" who could influence life to move towards a so-called healing.

With the revelation of truth, the personal spiritual and healing ambitions calmed down and ebbed out. I got healed from "the healer" and can now support others to be open and awake in this moment, in whatever life offers.

You may use methods to support yourself on the way. Methods can start from the relative to point towards that which is always, unmoving and independently HERE.

I was born with a potential of clairvoyant talents.Those talents have often moved me between the arrogance of being special and a kind of unnatural effort of wanting to be normal. The equanimity of being here in the moment revealed that there is no meaning in either direction.

Neither a healer nor a seeker can promise or trust the effects of methods or talents. It is not in our control. When you dedicate yourself truly to the moment, your potential will be used most effectively.

Of all the methods I have learned, I like the Tibetan Pulsing very much. It's a great fun tool to support people in becoming still within their own center while fully enjoying the carousel of life.
I use it to invite people into a taste of that which is is HERE before, during and after the bodily existence. I also like it that Tibetan Pulsing combines a joyful experience of bodywork with meditation.