What is Magic?
or ‘How do I find my heart’s desire?’  (by Sudeva, 2004)

Magic is no more or less than the art of making things happen. First, we realise what we want, then we create it as a reality in the world. At its simplest, it may be that the desire to find a job is followed by the act of looking for a job in the newspaper, calling the employer and getting the job. We do not ordinarily conceive of this as magic, but that is what it is. How happy we are, for a moment, when we get the job. We feel the magic of it.

Another way to practice magic is to find a high place or a sacred site in the physical world: the top of a hill, an empty beach or any place that is sacred to you. This high or sacred place may also be found inside yourself. For one person it may be found by sitting silently, for another in a moment of intensity. Having found this sacred space, the art is to relax inwardly and to become aware of one’s goal, one’s intention. Perhaps it is to find a beautiful home, a perfect place to live, or to find a beautiful lover. It may be to bring peace to all beings, or to heal the body by focusing loving awareness on any part that is unwell.
In any case, the art of magic is twofold. One aspect is taking the practical steps. The other is to become clear on one’s intention, at once focused and relaxed, inviting it in, inviting it towards you. Seeing what is wanted and allowing it to fill you. Very simple. Try it and see!

However, there are pitfalls to this approach to life. It may be understood as magic or, more ordinarily, as getting what one wants. Either way, we are caught up in the wanting. And, what ever it is you want is what you don’t have at the moment. Once you have it, you start wanting something new. This experience is familiar to all of us. No sooner do we get the beautiful new car than we want a holiday to drive around and enjoy it, instead of all the extra work it takes to pay off the car loan.
Not only that, worse is to come. Whatever we wish for, its opposite is already implied. When we invite a beautiful lover into our lives, we risk inviting all the ties and difficulties of relationship. When we invite a wonderful new house, we also invite all the responsibilities that entails. We may limit our freedom to travel, for example. Despite our best attempts at creative visualisation, when we invite world peace we acknowledge the reality of a world at war.

It is only when we learn to relax with our longings that transformation actually begins. Not that we can’t have the things we want, but we are not caught up in the wanting and healing can begin. If you can just be happy, that is all there is to it. In the words of the Indian master and mystic Osho:"Just be happy and the beloved comes. Just be happy, and friends are there. Just be happy and everything follows.
This will look magical; you can even call it the law of magic."