The Vagus Relief Process
Healing the Nerve of Compassion
Part 1 of 2 of the Process
planned to be in Cornwall in September 2024
exact dates and location coming asap!
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This group is Vagus Part 1 and prerequisite for Vagus Part 2

Each Group consists of 4 days
A Golden Opportunity for Healing with a unique combination of Spirituality, Trauma Therapy and TIBETAN PULSING
In this process we unburden Body and Mind from frozen or exiled parts. This opens space for love and forgiveness, to share with oneself and others. 
The process offers treatment and self-help for all kinds of food and digestion disorders as well as for difficulties with speech and expression.

We’re excited and grateful to offer this work to you. Studying the nervous system through Tibetan Pulsing gave us inauguration into the secrets of sound and energy vibration. From thinking to feeling to being.
Learning through our own body-mind-system and its programming how to heal and love. More about us including our studies and qualifications.

Inner wholeness is maintained through our sense of fulfilment. When we rest peacefully in ourselves we do not need anything from someone else. We share ourselves receptively and with compassion. From this inner balance, authentic expression happens.

Only from inner peace can we experience compassion for ourselves and others and express ourselves authentically. The restoration of inner peace is largely built with conscious realisation and a loving embrace of so many parts inside.
This process invites all parts involved to re-learn and re-discover a natural sense of wholeness and authenticity. It offers treatment and self-help for all kinds of food and digestion disorders as well as for difficulties with speech and expression.

Modern Trauma Therapy and Neurological Science have come together to define and create the “Polyvagal Theory” (Steven Porges) and proved the importance of the two branches of the Vagus Nerve in trauma related healing therapies. 

The discovery of the deep psychological functions of the two branches of the vagus nerve was first revealed and addressed by Shantam Dheeraj (J.R. Murley) in the early 1990s. He translated  his insight into bio-electrical processes applied through his work of Tibetan Pulsing.

Based in the Polyvagal Theory of Stephen Porges and in the findings of Shantam Dheeraj - the founder of Tibetan Pulsing - this group gives the opportunity for the unique complexity of healing, needed in our times. An exquisite, deep plunge into the core of being using a gentle and pleasant approach of Self-Inquiry and Body-Energy Work. (You do not need to study books in order to come and understand what we're doing)
The combination of meditative receptivity and respectful encouragement to explore the inner world with the powerful bio-electrical work of Tibetan Pulsing produces an unparalleled effect.
Your conscious insight literally embodies on the level of the DNA and produces transformation, affecting your personal being and beyond the personal. 
We will address Body, Mentality and Psyche and offer you tools for Self-Regulation. You can go on practicing the pleasant body work of Tibetan Pulsing with a friend (who has done the group).

Vagus Part 1 preceeds Vagus Part 2. Part 1 is prerequisite to be accepted for Part 2. It is highly recommended to do both parts, however we accept if you decide to do only part 1.
Each group consists of 4 full days, 11 sessions incl. evening sessions.
Once you're in the process, there will be enough room for integration after the body work, for sharing in depth and to experience entertaining and nourishing things.
A committment to the process is asked. That is to follow through, dedicate this time fully to yourself and to keep all other activities as low and quiet as possible, especially the usage of electronic devices.

  • Registration with us and informing us about all special needs BEFORE you book.
  • Payment in advance for 1 Part, you can book both parts at once if you wish

    You do not need to have experience with Tibetan Pulsing, but we recommend to do a session and get a taste. Ask us for someone in your area.
- Vagus Part 1:  £ 420 (additional costs for accommodation & meals)
- Vagus Part 2:  £ 320 (additional costs for accommodation & meals, this group is open only for those who have done Vagus Part 1)
(when you do the math on our pricing scheme you'll find that each group costs £370)

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For information about the location: Kate (Samya) ‭+44 7708 366377‬