The Enneagram

Assisting Self-Realisation


The Enneagram is often referred to as a system to define “personality”.  
This can be a confusing idea. Personality is the product of the belief in “me and the story about me”.
What the Enneagram gives is a template, a blue print of one’s intrinsic imprints in character and the inherited task we were born with. It can reveal what we need to transcend to be free and how to “do that” (within the doable). 
The personality will vanish during that process and give way to a true individual.
The Enneagram shows us ‘how’ we are in the ‘who we are’ while taking away the filters, which the story of me has veiled over the truth of self.

It will be usually 3 x 3 days within a period of not more than two months. Or a retreat of nine or ten days

1. Body Fixations – Transcending Anger
2. Emotional Fixations  – Transcending Image/Lack
3. Mind Fixations – Transcending Fear

Which Fixation am I ?

We suggest to get in touch with the complex wisdom of the Enneagram, rather than following the central quest for “which fixation am I?”. This will reveal itself as we move along through life, watching our own behaviour patterns and others. Becoming too obsessed with fixation numbers just adds to your story of definitions about yourself. 

Feel invited to open up to where it is pointing. In my experience this attitude is a helpful ally on the inner journey and a real benefit on the path of growing self-awareness.

The Enneagram and Tibetan Pulsing

The Enneagram and Tibetan Pulsing

People who know both techniques often ask whether it would be possible to merge the two systems.

Even though one might detect certain similarities between the map of Tibetan Pulsing frequencies and the map of Enneagram Fixations, it is not possible and not needed to merge the systems.

The Enneagram is mainly a mental tool, the Tibetan Pulsing is a map of the nervous system and a template for body work.

The Enneagram shows the unavoidable task of our character fixation. We’re born with that fixation.

The Tibetan Pulsing shows the frequencies (behaviour patterns) of how we play out polarised energy within the “story of me.” The personal frequency manifests when the ego forms in a child’s system and rarely changes, but change is possible under certain circumstances.

Both methods give relevant maps for growth of consciousness and assist and guide us on the path to liberation.


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