Individual Intensive

From Drama to Dharma

The Last Discovery. Realising Yourself.

For reliably passionate explorers of the Inner, who don't want to waste any more time.

Dharma means 'the eternal law or truth of the cosmos inherent in the very nature of things' - (you don't need to learn more Sanskrit than this)

This is for you when you burn with an inner fire to be free ... when you (sometimes) had enough of satsangs and other spiritual efforts and feel ready to be yourself rather than a better version of how you are ...

This is for you when you are in love with silence while aware that we can neither DO it nor hold on to it ...

This is for you when you want to meet the truth about the last barriers and end up with the last laughter.

There is NO promise for any achievement of either enlightenment or other impressive features.

At best you will leave empty, ordinary. For sure totally different than you've come.

The promise we give is that we are committed to personal honesty in the unfolding truth in the middle of the moment; we will not waste your or our time.

The tool box we use when tools are needed includes our practice and background of over 40 years of Meditation, Trauma Therapy, Tibetan Pulsing, the Enneagram. What we "do" will be found and discussed individually. Also whether or not you work with one of us or both of us.

Interested? - Ask for an Intake Talk!

With Love

Adima & Sudeva

Info Details

ONLINE and In PERSON: In the Intake talk we will find out if we match and define the amount of sessions and the time frame. 

7 talks (upto 1.5 hrs) and 2-3 energy transmissions or distance healing; within 9-12 days

7 talks (upto 1.5 hrs) and 2-3 body-/energy work sessions, spontaneous activities in nature are also possible; within 8-10 days (excluding travel days)
You need to be around closely (not much driving) and commit to quit social and online activities and reduce speaking to the necessary minimum for practical affairs. 

We will help with questions about accommodation or transport as much as possible.

Free Intake Talk and one (online) session or former participation in focused inner work. This can be with another teacher, in that case it needs to be documented.