When darkness fell the caravan had to stop. Often the best imaginable camping place magically appeared but, whatever the place looked like, that was home for the night. When Abbie was still tired in the morning, we rested another day. Even the police, who occasionally asked us to move on, were not allowed to force a tired horse to work. There was no other choice but acceptance.  That was a wonderful experience.

During years of travelling, I fell in and out of love, enjoyed the dream reality of leading an adventurous free life, when before I knew it I found myself the father of two children who taught me that with love expanding also comes responsibility. I settled in Scotland with my little family in a shepherd’s cottage, working my horse Abbie in the forests, until 1983.

Then, an old friend invited me to study massage at his newly founded School of Therapeutic Massage in West London. We had investigated various forms of healing before that time, but it was then that I began to work professionally.

Since then, I have studied various forms of bodywork. The most effective has been Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, which I still practice and offer. I did a year long Counsellor Training in London (1986/87) and more recently graduated with distinction as a Bachelor of Counselling from Notre Dame University in Perth, Western Australia. 
In 2015, I completed training in Trauma Healing: Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing and am now a qualified SE Practitioner.

In 1990, I moved to Australia and since then I have worked with healing and later also as a counsellor and mediator in Australia, England and the United States. 
Between 1987 and 2000 I spend as much time as possible at a spiritual commune which offered a wide range of professional education (Osho Commune, Pune India.) I lived and worked there while the mystic and spiritual master Osho was still in the body. Being in the presence of this master has been the deepest learning and greatest blessing. 
In his commune, I also met Shantam Dheeraj, who originated Tibetan Pulsing and studied and worked with him until he left his body in 1998.

A friend asked me once: ”What is the one greatest thing your spiritual journey has given you?” My answer to that looks very simple: learning to bring awareness to this moment. Knowing that it is always possible to shift one’s attention from a story about life to an investigation of what is really here now.

In practicing that as well as I can, I have found out over time that to realise our true divinity does not mean we have to be perfect as human beings. Being myself the way I am is the challenge and my test in how truthfully I live this life, not striving after perfection or managing to get “it” right all the time.

I love the intensity, the heat and vastness of mainland Australia and have now returned to live in Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia. Following the pull to live and work here again, to share what has met and merged inside me and proved to be a practical synthesis of spirituality and a down to earth approach. This enriches my life. I like to share that with you.

Looking forward to meeting you.