The Song of You

A Training in Non-Dual Awareness

for Body and Mind

Purpose and Intent

"Someone with compassion is kind, even when angry.
Without compassion, people kill with a smile“

(H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche)

Be(come) a witness of how life lives you! - rather than you managing your life.
We have probably all noticed that the same more or less unpleasant events repeat in our life. Things like accidents, illnesses or break up of relationships. Let's bring awareness and loving attention to this and clean up the deeper (unseen) patterns.

In other words: Discovering the core of one's own being, learning trust in one's intuition, understanding oneself and others in the light of loving awareness. Peace and love in daily living is possible - within and with others!

ONLINE VERSION of this training, which offers the teaching and wisdom, that can be presented online.

Purpose and Intent
The purpose of the training is to shift from thinking to feeling to being. To merge understanding with meditation and knowledge to deeper knowing,

It is designed to happen alongside daily life.

We look into how our nervous system is programmed. Body, mind and psyche will undergo a step by step transformation process, which is comprehensible and fun to watch and experience.

We will use consciousness work in synchronicity with the increasing speed of our time, yet slowly enough to experience liberation from old conditioned patterns which burden our life.

Unique and different

Meditation becomes an under current rather than a separate exercise

Witnessing becomes a natural state rather than a controlled effort

Love grows into compassion for oneself and others

The combination of Meditation, Teaching and body & energy work
(Tibetan Pulsing) makes this process unique and different. 
With the Tibetan Pulsing it is possible to 'flag' or 'highlight' insights of the inner inquiry within one's nervous system. This enhances a re-wiring of neural pathways and supports the cell memory to change.
This "aligning through the pulse" integrates transformation more easily and lasting in daily life.

The tools we use are self-inquiry, esoteric science, trans-personal psychology, body- and energy work with Tibetan Pulsing, psychodrama, singing and dancing. The structure has developed out of maps of mind, which originate with the Tibetan masters Padmasambhava and Naropa. 

Experience and witness the flow of consciousness unfolding in three octaves within your own spine


The Spinal Octaves

Our spine consists of 24 vertebrae, each holding or representing an energy flow of electrical signals, which are consciousness interpreted by our brain and thus becoming "our story". Each vertebra relates to an organ in our body, to themes in our psyche, to moods in our emotions and to spiritual opening of that particular part of our programming. The "Three Octaves" - three times eight frequencies -  will take us through the inner song of how we are programmed.

We will learn how to find the middle way between the poles which keep us locked in separateness or duality.

The steps
1. Living with your roots (overcoming survival)
2. Be in the world but not off it (conformity in the world)
3. Experiencing Singularity (developing and aligning personal power vs self-importance)
4. Unification (transcending resentment and corruption)
5. Isolation and other exit structures (overcoming self-denial)
6. Understanding, embracing and overcoming (self)-destruction
7. Transformation
8. Celebration


8 modules of 3 full days, approx. once a month.
The first two groups can be visited separately.
From step 3 a commitment is needed to follow through to the end of the process.


It is a personal training as opposed to an educational one where you receive a certificate as practitioner. However, people who participate and complete here will be offered different conditions for the INTENSIVE training for Tibetan Pulsing

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