(wisdom from the Chinese Master Chuang Tzu, passed on to contemporary ears by the Indian Mystic Osho)

Sounds so simple
Is simple - too easy for the problem loving mind 
It holds the truth and deeper than words, our Being

Transformation for Body and Mind

In Torquay Devon UK, Online and in the German speaking Europe

Adima & Sudeva Hawkes


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6 x 2.5 hrs zoom
with Adima & Sudeva
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Welcome to Life's School of Love
Unifying Friends in Truth (Satyamitra). Discovering, growing and healing together.
We've come a long way on what's called 'the spiritual path', while we've learned through ordinary life as well as through formal or ritual studies. We've gotten identified with and liberated from concepts. We've been blessed to discover humbling and delightful truth about ourselves and the silence that holds it all by grace. With great gratitude we continue the journey.
On the spiritual path, the tendency is to bypass the needs of the body and psyche, while 'therapy only' may not give space to silence and to awareness resting in the middle of the moment. We find that both are needed to balance one's innate human and divine nature as a conscious experience.
It is our joy to share our work with you. A combination of wisdom and science from the East and West through Meditation and Therapies for Body and Mind.
Our main tools are Self-Inquiry, Trauma Therapy and Body-Energy Work with Tibetan Pulsing. Additional influences in our background are the Enneagram and more recently we're touched by the genius of the Gene Keys. You can meet us in person and online. 

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Love in Time and Space, Adima & Sudeva in Tibetan Pulsing Online
Remembering Oneself is always Now - Interview with Adima


Eye-Reading Online


Satyamitra - Friends in Truth


Talk & Body


Individual Intensive


Talk and Body


Tibetan Pulsing & more


Learning Dying while Living


Video/Audio in En & Ger


Spirituality is often interpreted or used as an 'escape from the world' in order to avoid certain kinds of hardship. Having found out that that doesn't work, we use spirituality as an ally to assist in realising and expressing our true potential while living ordinary lives.
Atishas Heart Meditation

Atishas Heart Meditation

Transforming suffering into love


Complementary Therapy supports you in discovering and flowering in your uniqueness. No two people transform or heal in the same way. We offer individually tailored sessionsIndividual Intensives, Groups and Trainings.
Self-Discovery Online

Self-Discovery Online

Self-Inquiry  Meditation  Trauma Healing


Healing, like Meditation, can ultimately not be "done to you". It happens. We offer the space and the methods to invite and support that happening. 
Article about Healing
Tibetan Pulsing Iridology

Tibetan Pulsing Iridology

The different kind of Eye-Reading

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