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An online course for trained Tibetan Pulsers 

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From JUNE 22 this course merges with "Zoom Into Reality" 

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Our first Zoom Course for Pulsers started in October 2020. We have all been surprised by how deeply we experienced connection in sharing the spirit of the pulse online. 

Over time the meetings developed their own flavour. There's still academic teaching to refresh the vast background knowledge and deepen in its wisdom. There is room for spontaneous questions and intimate sharing of pulsing experience.

These Zoom Meetings are open to everyone who has completed an Intensive.
You can join anytime. Read below how to Register and LogIn

This is LIVE! There are no "online-replays" however there is Study material (Videos) - see below

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Topics/Study Material

The purpose of the meetings is information and growth - that's another way of saying: celebrating each other's presence through the intelligence of the heart and being connected in loving awareness 

You can ask us for the Videos from the Teaching Course Oct-Dec 2020 when you
- have been a participant and/or
- are a qualified session giver / group leader working with TP 

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